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See how YOU are helping families every day...

Meet Noah

Noah is 1 year old and was diagnosed with bilateral wilms tumor. YOUR support has directly helped Noah and his family. 

“Dear B+ Foundation, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us pay our mortgage. When Noah was diagnosed at just 8 months old, our world crumbled. Noah is the youngest of four. As parents, we worry about everything. Paying our mortgage for a month just helped us breathe a little easier. Once again, thank you.”

–Noah's Parents

Meet Luis

Luis is a 5-year-old boy who is bravely fighting leukemia! YOUR support has directly helped Luis and his family.

“Dear B+ Foundation, Thank you so much for the contribution toward Luis’s medical expenses. Since Luis was diagnosed with leukemia at 4 years old, life has been a scary roller-coaster ride. It is people like you who help us get through the tougher times, and for that, we will be forever grateful.

Luis is still too young to understand the impact that cancer has had on us as a family – emotionally, physically, and financially – and we try to lead as ‘normal’ a life as possible to keep us strong. But, our lives have been forever changedanditgivesusstrength to know that there is an extended family through your program who care about us and understand the difficulties we face. Thank you so much!”

-Claire, Luis's mom


Meet Audrey

Audrey is 3 years old and was diagnosed with embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma. She loves playing camp with her big brother Benjamin and wishes to go to the playground. YOUR support has directly helped Audrey and her family. 


“We cannot express the extent of our gratitude for the generosity of B+. We have relocated approximately 2.5 hours from our home for six weeks of our daughter’s treatment. During this time, I am taking an unpaid leave of absence from work. This has allowed our family to continue life as normal as possible and still keep up with our mortgage back home. Audrey is a strong 3-year-old girl. She is energetic and usually spends her time playing with her 5-year-old brother. Thank you for your support during this very trying time!”


–Rachel and Andrew, Audrey’s parents

Meet Suu'la

Suu'la is 4 years old and was diagnosed with leukemia. YOUR support has directly helped Suu'la and her family. 

“Dear B+, Thank you so very much! Our family greatly appreciates the financial assistance you were able to provide. We really don't even know where to begin to thank you for what you've done for us during this difficult time. It's unbelievably beautiful what your program does and we are grateful for every single person that makes it all possible.”

–Suu'la's family

Meet Collin

Collin is 9 years old and was diagnosed with medulloblastoma. He loves his Nerf Blaster and wants to be a vet when he grows up. YOUR support has directly helped Collin and his family.


“Dear B+, Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity to our family during this difficult journey. It's been amazing to see how people from all across the country come together to support families like ours. We appreciate the love and support!”

–Mike and Kim, Collin's parents

Meet Hannah

Hannah is 19 years old and was diagnosed with lymphoma. She loves animals, her family and her friends and dreams of traveling the world. YOUR support has directly helped Hannah and her family. 

“Dear B+ Foundation, Our daughter Hannah is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse and she had planned on working this past summer to help pay her tuition and other expenses related to school, however, the lymphoma discovered in her pelvis had other plans for her.


Hannah spent approximately 35 nights in the hospital undergoing very aggressive chemotherapy treatment, but I am happy to say that she had her post-treatment PET scan and there were no signs of the tumor! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for all you do to support those coping and dealing with childhood cancer. "


–Joe, Hannah's dad

Meet Nash

Nash is 2 years old and was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma. He loves cars and trucks and dreams of the day no cancer exists. YOUR support has directly helped Nash and his family. 


“Thank you, B+ for helping our family in such a time of need. When we were welcoming our beautiful baby boy two years ago, we could have never imagined that there was cancer already overtaking his tiny body and that we would find out only three short months later that he had stage IV neuroblastoma. This caused many unexpected life changes. I had to leave my career in order to take care of him and attend all of his appointments and hospitalizations. My husband had to take most of the year off work, unpaid, to be there as well and help care for our healthy 7-year-old. The first year was a blur and right when the medical bills started coming in, nearly all of our friend and family support dropped off because Nash was finishing chemo and they were all just tired of the were we. It wasn't until then, that we were able to take the first break and try to put the pieces of life back together, only to find the stress of new debt that accumulated while neither of us were being paid as well as the first medical bills from the previous year of treatment were starting to arrive. If it hadn't been for B+, we would not have been able to put food on the table for our kids or gas in our car due to having to keep our water and electricity on. This should never be the case but it's the situation in which we found ourselves and I know so many other people dealing with pediatric cancer diagnoses do as well.


Thank you SO MUCH for supporting our family and giving us hope at that time in our journey when it felt like we were alone. Please continue to support B+ so that they can support families like ours! The last thing a parent, who's managing a cancer diagnosis with their child needs to worry about is money, groceries or bills. They are and should be focused on keeping their child alive. Thank you for allowing them to do more of that."


-Brandi, Nash’s mom

Meet Samuel

Samuel is 16 months old and was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor at just 9 months old. He loves smiling and has a twin brother. YOUR support has directly helped Samuel and his family. 

“Dear B+, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you so much for youhelp with our mortgage bill – it meant so much to us. Samuel is only 16 months old and despite having to go through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment at such a young age, he never lost his beautiful smile. We were finally able to return home after Samuel’s radiation treatments and the twins are now together again! Samuel is doing well and in physical, occupation and speech therapy. The doctor advised that it is going to take years, but he is learning fast. HIs twin brother Andre is a great supporter and Samuel is learning a lot from him. Thank you all again and God Bless!"

-Evelyn, Samuel’s mom

Meet Austin

Austin is 5 years old and just relapsed with T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. YOUR support helps kids like Austin!


"We are truly grateful for the assistance you have given to our family. It is such a relief to know that you have one less thing to worry about. We just want to be positive and power through, and your organization has helped us do just that with your gestures."

–Austin's Mom

Meet Analise

Analise is 5 years old and was diagnosed with medulloblastoma. She loves her family and dreams of helping animals like a vet. YOUR support has directly helped Analise and her family. 

“Dear B+, These words will never be enough to truly thank you and all of those involved that have selflessly donated to help families like ours. Our daughter had just turned four when we heard the words “Your child has brain cancer.” She innocently fights with great courage and we can only pray for healing. We sincerely thank you for blessing our home with such a generous gift. Because of your gift, we can secure our home for a little longer. There is no better name for this foundation – we will B+ one day at a time!”

-Joe, Analise’s dad

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