Executive Board

Meet the 2020 Executive Board

Madison Wolff


Matt Wintercorn


Chloe Weiss

EVP of B+ Hero Programming

Sarah Hunter Jackson

EVP of Campus Relations 

Emily Safron 

EVP of Public Relations

Anne Paprota

EVP of Fundraising

Zach Valdez

EVP of Operations

Pearl Arno

Director of Internal B+ Hero Programming

Angelina Nesti

Photography/Videography Directer

Lindsey Stern

Social Media Director

Rachel Chapin

Moral Co-Director

Tucker Kennedy

Morale Co-Director

Joseph Wyper

Entertainment Director

Lauren DeBardelaben

Logistics Director

Mackenzie Wilson

Corporate Sponsorship Co-Director

Priya Nangia

Corporate Sponsorship Co-Director

Lauren Ordan

Merchandise Director

Addie Kingston

Finance Director

Savannah Overman

Special Events Director

Nora Miskolczi

Creative Director 

Elise Randolph

FOB+ Co-Director 

Sarah Sidoti

FOB+ Co-Director

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